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Experience the World. Let Globetrotter Alpha's Imagery Take you There

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The place to experience our globe in raw form. Here, you shall find:

Immersive travel videos that make you feel as though you are the
one walking around the streets of New York, crossing Victoria Harbor in
Hong Kong by ferry, hiking in the Canadian Rockies and more…

In the near future Ambient videos will be featured of natural or urban landscapes to set a certain mood,

whether to relax, concentrate or simply have some background

‘white noise’ for a good night’s sleep. 

Every one of the videos found here might serve you in a specific or a
multitude of ways. Use them to plan a trip, reminisce on a previous
vacation / period of your life. Alternatively use these videos as a

background to display on a screen in your home and/or business.

The choices are plenty and are entirely up to you.

Follow our blog for travel, photography, videography and the

experiences of creating these videos.

Enjoy your stay!

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Your support will ensure the creation of future travel videos.

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